Frequently Asked Questions

 What made you decide to do this?

This is the question we get most often, and probably the hardest to answer, mostly because there were so many factors involved over such a long period of time.  In no particular order, here’s why:

  • Because we love to travel.
  • Because we want to see America.
  • Because life is too short.
  • Because we’re sick of the rat race.
  • Because our kids have grown and moved out.
  • Because when Chris got cancer several years ago we got a really good perspective on what matters.
  • Because when Chris’ dad was dying and we told him about this plan he got a very serious look on his face and said “DO IT”
  • Because we can.

How long are you going to be out?

We don’t know! We set out on Jan 1st, 2014 with the rough idea of being out “4-16 months.” Will we head back to our home on Whidbey Island for the summer and go back out? Will we keep pressing eastward? Stay tuned!


Why Airstream?

Airstream was our first choice simply because we love the history and the cachet of the brand. But to be sure we had done our due diligence, we researched lots of other RVs as well. We kept coming back to Airstream. They’re quite aerodynamic with a low center of gravity, so you get a lot less drag and sway on the road when you’re towing them. They’re also extremely well made: Airstream started making travel trailers in the mid 1930s, and 65% of all Airstreams ever made are still in use today. That really says something about their quality.


Why did you name it Tin Can Tardis?

We’re fans of Doctor Who, the long-running sci-fi program on the BBC. He travels through space and time in a blue police box called The Tardis (which stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.) We travel through space and time in our Airstream. One of the running jokes on the show is that the Tardis is “[much] bigger [than it appears] on the inside.” People often say the same about our trailer. As for Tin Can? Well, Aluminum Can Tardis didn’t quite have the same alliteration. 



How do you keep from killing each other?

 Who says we haven’t? When was our last post?


What’s the best part of this adventure?

 Rediscovering our relationship. Seeing America. People thinking we’re cool for doing this.


What’s the worst part?

 Unhitching in the rain in the dark. Locations with lousy internet. People projecting their fantasies of what we should be doing onto us. (Get your own Airstream and follow your own dream!)