RVillage – Connect with other RV’ers

Mar 17

RVillageA new social network for connecting RV’ers launched this week and we’ve been using it to connect with other folks near us. It’s called RVillage and is at least partly written by our friends (who we’ve never actually met, but feel like they’re old friends) at Technomadia. Just like most social network sites, you can create a friends list of other members but the thing that makes this specific to RV’ers is being able to check in at your current campground and see who else is already there. It also keeps track of the places you’ve checked in at so you can keep a history of where you’ve gone.

The site is brand new and there are still a few kinks being worked out but it shows a lot of promise to become another essential tool for the part time or fulltime RV’er, making it easier to connect with other folks out on the road in a single place rather than scanning a few dozen blogs to see where everyone is now. They also have groups that you can join, like Airstreamers or Bloggers so you can find other like-minded travelers to connect with.

If you’re living the RV lifestyle, or just thinking about it, head over to RVillage (Our Village, get it?) and grab a free account today. Ours is, as you would imagine, TinCanTardis.

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