Greetings from San Diego

Feb 23

Last Thursday, we left Tucson and drove to Yuma, Arizona which is just a bit over halfway between Tucson and San Diego. We spent the night at one of the 55+ RV parks, which I was quite disappointed that they didn’t even card me. Since we weren’t going to be there long, we didn’t even unhitch the trailer. We did soak up some much needed high bandwidth internet. It’s nice that some places still know how to provide high speed internet though I wonder if the availability is somewhat due to the 55+ nature of this park. Hmm…

On Friday morning, we got up early and hit the road. We were glad that we were a bit past half way because the drive gets  more involved once you start heading over the mountains into San Diego county. We climbed over 4000 feet once we got past El Centro, CA and a lot of it was through windy mountain roads (you can pronounce windy either way, both applied). I’m told the scenery was very cool and Leslie took this picture as we drove through an area called Devil’s Canyon. I was watching the road.

Driving through Devil’s Canyon as we head over the mountains into San Diego County.

Eventually we descended into San Diego and we got to Mission Bay RV Resort. Situated on a peninsula next to Mission Bay Park, this RV park definitely has location on its side. We are convenient to I-5 but right on the water and with nice walking and bike paths that go much of the way around the bay. Walks with Tiki are much more pleasant now that we have actual grass for her to tromp across. Grass was a much more rare commodity back in Tucson and Yuma and she got quite tired of walking across coarse gravel — as did I.

What a great sunset to greet us in San Diego!

What a great sunset to greet us in San Diego!

The downside of this RV park is that it is an RV park. We are effectively in a big parking lot (though close to the water, which is nice) in an urban area. The location is great for the next few weeks when we’re going to the Storyline conference just across the bay and then flying back to Seattle for most of the first week of March. After that, though, we think it is time to get back to the state park campgrounds and seeing more natural locations. Oh and the WiFi connection is quite terrible here.  Even if I could get the WiFi Ranger to connect to it (which I can’t) the throughput is abysmal at about 30kbps and our AT&T and Verizon connections are limited to about 2 bars so Mission Bay RV Resort may have location on its side but connectivity is a definite bummer.

We’re still bouncing around between a lot of possible paths after San Diego – east to New Mexico? Up towards Nevada and Utah? We’re really not sure yet and I think that what we learn over the next couple of weeks will definitely inform that call. The bigger question is whether we’re headed towards the midwest and northeastern US to do what we’re calling the infinity tour (starting down the west coast, heading up through the midwest then to New England, then headed down towards Florida before crossing back up to Seattle).

The Infinity Tour - get it?

The Infinity Tour – get it?

The other option is to stay in the west for now and head back up through places like Death Valley National Park, Zion and Arches National Parks in Utah, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone and then through the Palouse back into Washington for the summer. We do love Whidbey Island in the summertime and it has been part of our plan all along to generally be there when it’s warm – we just aren’t sure whether that is the case for this first year.

Both of these are great options, and we feel quite lucky to have THIS be one of the big decisions we need to make. We’re hoping that we’ll get more clarity as we chat out our trip so far and this option at the Storyline conference and with friends back in Seattle. Stay tuned for what’s next and, as always, Stay Classy!


  1. Just thought I would let you know that the Pacific Northwest area has many opportunities to get together with other Airstreaming folks. Check out the Region 10 web site. It will list all the outings from all the units in region 10. Of course there are other things to do to. We are headed to Alaska, leaving about May 15th ish and be gone for about 3 months. Don’t forget the Landyacht Harbor in Lacey, another gravel parking lot but the price is right, $17.00 for EWS and close to all the attractions. Have fun, be safe

  2. Michael /

    theres always Vegas….

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