Alumafiesta Begins!

Feb 05


When we started our journey, our first major destination was Tucson for the Alumafiesta rally and this week, it has begun! When we arrived at Lazydays RV resort, we saw several other Airstreams and over the past few nights the number has grown to over 100.  That’s a lot of Aluminum! Over the next few days, there will be sessions on maintenance, travel safety and the latest from Airstream as well as sessions on social media (presented by Leslie!), tours of local sites and a fair number of happy hours 🙂 It’s going to be a pretty busy week.

With an Airstream here and an Airstream there...

With an Airstream here and an Airstream there…

The best part of events like this, though, is meeting other folks who are doing similar things. We got to meet up with the Mali Mish gang and Brian and Leigh from Aluminarium, people like Rhonda who we met at Alumafandango as well as Rich and Brett with R&B Events (and Airstream Life magazine) who organize all of the Aluma events (Alumafiesta, Alumafandango, Alumaflamingo and Alumapalooza).

Today we took a trip up to Kitt Peak National Observatory. It’s about an hour drive up to the top of a mountain where the observatory includes more than 20 telescopes managed by groups of universities across the country including some pretty epic instruments like the McMath–Pierce solar telescope and the 4 meter Mayall telescope. All of the telescopes are fully booked by researchers though there isn’t so much activity during the day (except, probably, at the solar telescope) though the place seems to come alive around 5pm so we needed to be off the mountain by 4pm to make room for SCIENCE!

It's like a cathedral of science on a hill.

It’s like a cathedral of science on a hill.


  1. Cary And John /

    Congrats you guys on getting out there!! My husband and I have the dream. We retired earlier and did a lot of RVing to the Southwest, but we had to un-retire and get back to work when economy bombed.
    I recognized your pic of Anzac Borrego right off. Will follow you and enjoy your adventures…being sick and all. Tucson area is one of our favs.

  2. Mickey Kampsen /

    NICE! Love the cathedral of science photo! What a sight!

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