Item #101

Jan 18

A while back, our friends and fellow-Airstreamers Tiffani and Deke over at Weaselmouth took the 100 Thing Challenge (where they had to limit their possessions to 100 items.)  Chris and I aren’t nearly that brave (or crazy), but we’re gaining an appreciation for the need to keep the “stuff” to a minimum in such a small space.  There is, however, one item we think they, as full-time Airstreamers, need to add to their list.  Let’s call it “Item #101”:


Have you seen the ads for this stuff? They’re quite silly and funny, and when people first hear of this product they think it’s a joke. I picked a bottle of it up at the local drugstore on Whidbey Island, mostly as a joke, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work wonderfully.

Full-time RVing is an intimate experience, to say the least.  You’re pretty much 24/7 with whomever you’re camping with, and if the place you’re camping doesn’t have restrooms (or they’re too far away or it’s pouring rain or whatever) then you’re gonna have to “lay down the law” in close quarters with your travel companions. You use Poo-Pourri before you go, spraying  a few spritzes into the bowl. That puts a layer of the product, which is mostly nice-smelling essential oils, down on the surface of the water. Any … erm … droppings that fall in afterward are immediately covered back up by the layer of oils. The smell can’t get out.  Then you flush and … it’s like you were never there.

This is especially appreciated when the other inhabitant of your RV is sitting five feet away from you at the dinner table and trying to eat.

Hang around RVers for any measurable amount of time and soon the topic will turn to toilets. I’m not kidding. You’ll be having poo conversations in no time. It’s kinda weird. But, you know, it makes for very quick bonding. I showed Tiffani and Deke our bottle of Poo-Pourri the very first night we met them. Did they waver? Hardly.

“I think,” said Deke. “You just saved our marriage.”

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