Forgetting to Plan Ahead

Jan 18

After about a week in the Bay Area, it was time to get away before the championship game this weekend. Our intention was to make it down to Morro Bay and the Morro Dunes RV Park which is right by the sand dunes to and the ocean. We got a bit of a late start due to some work phone calls but we made it down to Morro Bay around 2:00. Our GPS put us on the wrong side of the park so we called them to find out where the entrance was and that is when we found out that they were full for the weekend, and so are the other RV Parks in town. Since January is such a slow time for campgrounds, we’ve gotten used to pulling up to any park we’re interested in and there being lots and lots of places available but this weekend is the 3 day MLK day holiday so more people are heading to the beach in central California.


This wasn’t a big problem though. We just called head to our next destination in Buellton, CA and the Flying Flags RV Park had plenty of room for us so we continued south and were at our new destination about 90 minutes later. This means we are going to miss a bunch of the coastline touring that we were going to do this weekend including heading up to San Simeon but it also means that we are now 3 days ahead of schedule so we’ll have that much more time down the road.


Most of the California coast is experiencing a long drought – the longest since the 1890s. For us, that generally means clear blue skies and unseasonably warm temperatures. We arrived at Flying Flags RV Park at around 4:30 pm and it was in the upper 80s.  Overnight, it got down to 36 and now, on Saturday afternoon we’re back up to 83 degrees according to my Netatmo weather station. We’re changing clothes more often than the Granthams in Downton Abbey.

One of the fun things at this park is that they have a bunch of classic trailers that you can rent and stay in and many of those are Airstreams. It’s pretty cool to see about 10 different trailers of different sizes and vintages all lined up in someplace that ISN’T an Airstream rally. OK, it’s pretty cool there too 🙂

Some of the classic Airstreams you can rent at Flying Flags RV Park

Some of the classic Airstreams you can rent at Flying Flags RV Park

So we are here at least through the game on Sunday. Then we’ll see where we go next. I’m betting south.

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