Bullards Beach State Park in Bandon, Oregon

Jan 04

Friday was a chores kind of day. We drove to Eugene, Oregon in the morning and took our Airstream to Sutton RV where we shared a long list of things that needed attention. The big thing was the macerating toilet which was just doing nothing. After that, our monitor panel needed calibration and out batteries were not charging properly. While they were working on the trailer, we spent the day driving around Eugene and doing lots of little chores – taking Tiki to the dog park, doing laundry, grocery shopping, picking up random doo-dads that we need like an extra lynch-pin for the trailer hitch. Then we picked up the trailer and drove to Premier RV Resort in Coburg. Premier is a nice park with big pull-through spaces but we didn’t plan on spending much time there, we didn’t even unhitch from the trailer.

This morning, we left Premier RV and headed for Bandon.  I’ve always wanted to see Bandon, really I’ve always wanted to play golf at Bandon Dunes and I am going to try to get out and play while we’re here.  The drive down here was really nice – it’s amazing how much nicer everything is when you get off the interstate. Our path wound through farmland and small towns, following the Umpqua River for most of the way. Shortly before Reedsport, we passed the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area which had several herd of elk quite close to the road. There was a great place to pull over and see them though I missed the turn and there wasn’t a better place to turn around so we chalked that up to a missed opportunity but agreed that we would stop for places like that in the future. The next stop was the Umpqua River Lighthouse where we watched whales migrating south from the high bluff in front of the light house.

The Umpqua River Lighthouse overlooks sand dunes and migrating whales.  Definitely worth the stop!

The Umpqua River Lighthouse overlooks sand dunes and migrating whales. Definitely worth the stop!

Then it was time to continue our trip to Bandon.  We arrived at Bullards Beach State Park and grabbed a nice campsite.  We’re staying here for 3 nights (luxury!) so that we can get some work done, I can try to squeeze in a round at Bandon Dunes, and I can get out and try to get some nice shots. Eugene and Champoeg were nice and all, but the Pacific coast of Oregon has some stunning views and the weather finally cleared for us to be able to enjoy them. We drove in to town after getting the trailer all settled in and were greeted with an amazing sunset right outside of Tony’s Crab Shack. The fish tacos and crab sandwich were delicious.

The sunset made us feel quite welcome in Bandon.

The sunset made us feel quite welcome in Bandon.

After dinner, we drove to the Coquille River Lighthouse which is part of Bullards Beach State Park.  The sun had set and the stars were starting to come out and I grabbed my camera to catch the lighthouse in silhouette before the light was completely gone. It’s a magical place and I’m looking forward to going back during the day to learn more about it.  In particular, it will be good to find out where the light is.

The Coquille River Lighthouse at sunset.  What's missing from this lighthouse... oh yeah... the light.

The Coquille River Lighthouse at sunset. What’s missing from this lighthouse… oh yeah… the light.


Finally, for those keeping track of the repairs we needed on the trailer, the toilet had blown a fuse but it was an undocumented fuse which is why it was hard to find. We now have extra fuses. The tank monitor is working better now and the problem with the batteries not charging was chalked up to the Use/Store switch being in Store mode. I don’t totally buy that last one since the “use” light was on but we’ll be keeping an eye on it to see if something may have bumped it.


  1. Janica /

    So excited to see these beautiful pictures. Bandon Dunes is on our destination list for this summer. I’m not much into golf myself but when the place Jim wants to play is as beautiful as this I’m happy to go along. There is a great book Jim’s been reading about the building of Bandon Dunes that you might enjoy.

  2. Rich L /

    You’ll get another crack at seeing the elk further down the coast at Elk Prairie campground in the Redwoods National Park: http://www.nps.gov/redw/planyourvisit/campgrounds.htm

    Personally my favorite is Jedediah Smith State Park, but it’s VERY tight for 30-footers like yours & mine. Be super careful maneuvering if you go there.

  3. David Caulton /

    I love Oregon, and Bandon is great – on Oregon’s “sunshine coast”. Make sure you stock up on Cheese.

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