Launch Day Destination: Champoeg State Park

Jan 02

Our launch was successful 🙂  Day one’s destination is Champoeg State Park, just south of Portland, Oregon. Champoeg is a a lovely park with large camping spots on the bank of the Willamette River. It is on the site of the former town of Champoeg which is where the first provisional government in Oregon was formed back in 1843. There is a marker that includes the names of all of the people who signed the original charter. I’m sure it was going great until 1861 when the river rose 55 feet and flooded the town under about 15 feet of water (Wikipedia says 7 but there’s a sign there showing the high water mark and it is much higher than that). They never rebuilt it.

This obelisk commemorates the formation of the first government in the Pacific Northwest.

This obelisk commemorates the formation of the first government in the Pacific Northwest.

Eventually, though, they made it into a great park that was the first stop on our trip so it all worked out.

Today we made it out to meet with Kevin and Laura from Riveted. We have followed their blog for a while now and Leslie talked with them some while she was working on an article for Airstream Life but this was the first time we got to actually meet them. We had a great time sharing stories and we’re looking forward to meeting them again some day down the road.

Visiting with Kevin and Laura in their lovely home

Visiting with Kevin and Laura in their lovely home

We have run into our first few problems with the trailer that we need to deal with. The first, and most urgent, is that once we arrived at the campground and hooked up the trailer, we discovered that our toilet isn’t working. Our trailer is right next to the bathroom building so this isn’t a big problem for the moment but we definitely need to get this fixed soon. In addition, it looks like our power converter / battery charger is not working correctly and that is very important if we want to be able to do any boondocking. After being plugged in to 30 amps for the month of December and plugged into my car for the drive down, our batteries should have been at 100% though they were actually around 25% before I plugged in to the land power. Clearly, something is wrong. So it looks like our next stop is Sutton RV, about 100 miles south from here in Eugene, Oregon. Fortunately, we spoke with Thom who runs their service department and he said they should be able to fix it in a day so tomorrow morning we will be hooking up and heading down there to get it all worked out.


  1. Happy trails!

  2. Janica /

    We are hoping to spend some time in those parts this summer either before or after WDS in July. Will be watching your posts for ideas of camping spots.

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