T Minus One Day and Counting…

Dec 31

Well, this is it! We are done with our planning and it is time to go. We are taking our last load of culled stuff from the Tardis back to our house in Langley, putting Leslie’s car in storage and bringing down the last few things that we forgot before – a few toiletries, a couple of photo shot props, a pile of books, a ukulele and just one more hard drive. Tonight we will be attending our favorite New Year’s Eve party at HopKat’s house and then tomorrow morning we hitch up and head out on the road.

Good Bye Whidbey Island, Hello America!

Good Bye Whidbey Island, Hello America!

New Year — New Chapter

The last couple of days have been nice. We had a bunch of friends drop by during the Seahawks game on Sunday (Go Hawks!) and took the opportunity to see a couple of movies yesterday while Tiki is at doggie camp until tomorrow morning. I also drove through our old neighborhood in Sammamish. I haven’t really been back there since we moved out in April and things are already changing. New housing developments, a facelift and new stores at the local shopping center. Time marches on. It was nice to visit the neighborhood where we lived for almost 13 years but also good to have the feeling that, while it was a great place to live, it is not where we belong anymore. That chapter is over.

2013 has been a major transition year for us. We decided in late 2012 that we wanted to make the transition to traveling around in an Airstream and living more nomadically. 2013 was the year that we went from having a big house in Sammamish and a small cottage on Whidbey Island to having a small cottage on Whidbey Island and our Tardis and we did a lot of downsizing to get here. This is the year that Leslie finished her book that she has been developing for several years and she has been promoting it ever since. I finished my first Shoot/Week project (and threw in a few bonus weeks for fun). This was also the year that our daughter, Kate, graduated from FIT and started working in her dream job as a fashion designer in New York City. Our son Zach got his own apartment in Bellingham, Washington and is loving studying Computer Science at Western Washington. Finally, and perhaps most significantly for me, my father passed away in May on his own terms and after many visits from his family and friends.

All of this has led us to this day – New Year’s Eve and our own launch eve. We are terribly excited to get underway. Leslie and I wish you all a Happy New Year and we hope that we are looking forward to connecting with everyone throughout 2014!


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