Preparing for launch

Nov 30

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and, with that, another of the big pre-launch milestones has passed. Our countdown is at T minus 32 days. We’ve been planning our new adventure for over a year now and we are just about a month from taking off. Shit is getting real!

We're calling Vasa Park the launch pad, since that is where we will leave from in January.

We’re calling Vasa Park the launch pad, since that is where we will leave from in January and we are just a few days from moving the Tardis to the launch pad.

Our final shakedown trip will be to Vasa Park for the month of December and we are heading there on Tuesday so now there are only a few days left to figure out what we need to have with us, figure out where it is going to go and get it all into the trailer. In addition, we have this whole Christmas thing coming up and another few weeks of work before I transition to a “remote employee.” There are a couple of very nice things about spending the month of December at Vasa.  First, we can discover things that we forgot while it is not that hard to go back to the house to get them. Second, we can keep the trailer plugged in and heated as the temperatures drop into the twenties (or lower!) over the next week. I’m looking forward to figuring out what cold-weather camping is like while we still have the option of bailing back to the house if it gets too cold. Plus side: it doesn’t take too long to heat up 200 sq feet.

Over the past year, we have done a huge amount of work to downsize from two houses and a storage locker to one house, a storage locker and our Airstream. Even with lots of donating, selling and trashing huge (sometimes embarrassingly so) piles of possessions, we still have a fair amount of stuff that we are leaving behind when we take off. It will be interesting to see how that all feels when we come back to Whidbey Island after this first journey but for now, it is very nice to not have to rush through another round of downsizing in addition to the rest of our preparations.

So now our clothes and miscellaneous possessions that we’re bringing are starting to go into their storage bins.  I signed up for the Millenicom hotspot plan that gets us 20 gigs of cellular data at a much more reasonable price than the regular Verizon service (though we do have that as a backup too). We’re building lots of lists of things to do both for the trailer and the house and, on top of that, I have an office to clean out during December with 17 years of Microsoft memorabilia to sort through.

I think this is the storm before the calm.

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