Harnessing the power of the sun!

Nov 28

After lots of discussions and research, and also after being tired of the batteries always being dead on the trailer after a few days of non-use, we decided to add a solar panel to the top of the Tardis. We went with a Zamp 150 Watt panel and the updated Zamp 4 stage controller. Now I’m reading up on all of the details of this new addition. I am glad to be able to actually tell how much power we’re using and how the batteries are recharging. This will definitely be useful information once we’re out on the road.

When we’re traveling and not plugged in at a campground, I expect we will be using power faster than the solar panel can regenerate though it should definitely work as a battery extender – making the batteries last much longer than they would without it and keeping them topped off while we’re rolling. We also have a portable solar panel that we can plug in if the one of the roof is too shaded or if we just need a bit more power while we’re camping.

We also installed a couple of MaxxAir II covers over the Fantastic Fans so that they can stay open even when it is raining and we needed to move the cellular antenna to install it but with these changes, I think we have everything in place for the start of our trip – at least on the roof.

Pictures coming as soon as I remember to take them 🙂

Zamp Solar Panel with Controller


  1. david caulton /

    Wow, so how much power does this generate in full sun? I’ve tried a couple of portable backpacking solar panels but found they were grossly inadequate for even charging an iPhone. this looks bigger and nicer so maybe it can charge an iPhone while it’s running?

    • It’s a 150 watt panel so it can definitely charge an iPhone while it’s running, but it is also much larger than what you would want to carry around to charge a phone 🙂

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